The Fight for Water

Posted by: | Posted on: November 14, 2011

The Fight for Water Synopsis

On Feb. 28th, 2009 near the tiny village of Santa Rosa, the OCP pipeline breaks in Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. An estimated 14,000 barrels of crude spill into the Napo and Coca Rivers, both of which are tributaries of the Amazon River.

The struggle for survival and access to potable water is presented within the framework of new environmental laws passed in Ecuador, part of a revolutionary concept that created the world’s first legal precedent for a Bill of Rights of Mother Nature. The film explores the specific case of the Santa Rosa spill, the legacy of contamination left by the Petroleum Industry, and profiles the people attempting to preserve one of the planet’s most important biodiversity hotspots.

The film also looks at another controversial issue along Ecuador’s northern border; the untold story of refugees displaced by the Colombian conflict, and the relationship between contamination and coca eradication programs that have been implemented near the border as part of Plan Colombia.

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