Rays of Hope

Posted by: | Posted on: October 16, 2008

I get lucky everytime when i see, that a lot of poeple help with their knowledg other people they are in need.

We are living i a time which is charachtrized with war,terror,finencial crisis,poverty,hunger and much other misery. There are millions of people they have no food,no water,they are fighting everyday for their exsistent. but that is only one side. At the other side we have many organizations and foundations and NGO they are working hard to help people getting food,getting clean and healthy water.

One projet which i found and makes me hope is Rays of Hope powered by The Water School . They are in partnership with Christian Mission Aid(CMA)

They say:"The most effective vaccine against child death in Africa is a glass of clean water."  and "Here are the cold, hard facts according to the above report – "There are roughly two million child deaths every year as a result of not having access to clean water." Africa is hugely over represented in that number. The continent accounts for nearly a third or more, almost 40% of total child deaths from water related problems. " But they found a way to fight against Child death in Africa with their Solar Water Disinfection System or SODIS

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