Swaziland Hunger Alert

Posted by: | Posted on: July 31, 2008

Swaziland is facing yet another year of serious food shortages, which will leave at least a quarter of the population, or 250,000 people, dependent on food aid throughout 2003.

According to forecasts, this year’s overall harvest will be around 40 percent less than normal. In some parts of the worst-affected Lowveld zone, many farmers are facing the prospect of a total crop failure.

Along with poor crop production, Swaziland is struggling with rising poverty (over 60 percent live below the poverty line), increasing unemployment (around 40 percent) and the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS (adult prevalence rate of 38.6 percent).

An estimated 152,000 people will require food aid over the next few months, but this figure is likely to increase dramatically over the course of 2003.

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