August, 2008

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Global Food Crisis 2008

Food prices have been rising for a while. In some countries this has resulted in food riots and in the case of Haiti where food prices increased by 50-100%, the Prime Minister was forced out of office. Elsewhere people have been killed, and many more injured. While media reports have been concentrating on the immediate causes, the deeper issues and causes have not been discussed as much. Read More …

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Child Sponsorship…

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 The problems children face in the developing world differ, but the cause is always the same – poverty.

It’s easy to feel hopeless, but through child sponsorship, you truly can do something about it, something extraordinary.

You can personally reach out and connect with a child and their community and follow their progress as they overcome incredible hardships and build for the future.  

We help local communities build for the future by helping them gain the food, clean water, education, and healthcare they desperately need. Working together, we build the skills and know-how they need to stand on their own two feet.

You get to see and feel the difference your support makes, through the eyes of your sponsored child and their regular letters and photographs.

What will you feel as a child sponsor?

Do something extraordinary – sponsor a child today


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Why Donate To Charity?

You can’t escape requests for you to donate to charity today. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there for you to donate to charity. Perhaps you are asking yourself should I donate to charity? And if I am going to donate to charity which ones should I choose?

First of all, let’s deal with the question of why you should donate to charity. There are a host of reasons to donate to charity. We will deal with only a few of them here. For instance, if you donate to charity you will gain certain tax benefits. All of us are looking for ways to pay less money to the government. If you donate to charity you will be able to help others and keep more money out of the hands of the government. Who would have thought that such a great benefit could come when you donate to charity? Read More …

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Learning to End Poverty

Overview of the problem
A life without education is a shadow of its potential. Even one life like that is a loss. For 115 million school age children worldwide, the results can be tragic.

Imagine living on less than a dollar a day, with no chance to learn, get a decent job or ever lift yourself from poverty.

But we have the power to change this.

Education gives kids the basic skills for a better life. As our global economy becomes increasingly information-centered, school is more important than ever. Read More …

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